An Online Sitcom Produced by BURNRATE and  YOU ARE THE ARTIST

Follow the adventures of five neurotic urbanites who travel to the most important art fair in the world.

EPISODE 1 – Meet the Gang

POST MeMeMe–The Post Contemporary Art Sitcom

In a mockumentary style we accompany five protagonists of Generation Y ( why ) , which browse through everyday life in 2016. Watch them love, argue, chat and celebrate themselves , while looking at the upper and underworld pursue the art world, in search of what is POST CONTEMPORARY ART ?
An online sitcom in eight fragments .


"Katze" as "Cat"
Karina as "Cobra"
Kevin as "Bat"
Isabell as "Ocelot"
Glenn as "Panda" 

Narrator: James Reynolds, Mark Le Ruiz
Text: Scott Redford, BURNRATE
Edit: Kevin K., Glenn G., BURNRATE
Score: Kevin K.


Karina and Isabell argue over the value of modern day romantic convention. The gang visit the Manifesta, where Karina has eyes for a "cute artist". But will she be able to impress him or will Tullio win her heart? 

The gang finally heads to Art Basel, where they interact with the art works. Karina gets shoved by an art collector, Katze tells a joke. Finally, the gang ends up in limbo, forever trapped in a doomed exhibition space. Or will they manage to escape?

Kevin tells a joke. Glenn becomes aware of him being stereotyped as an Asian and needs some time for himself. The gang visits the ZHdK and subconsciously reflect on laziness in their generation. In the evening, they instigate a Smartphone party at Cabaret Voltaire - but what is a Smartphone party? 

Go get your smartphone and come in ... 

Katze has beef with Karina. The gang take a train ride where Karina is forced to confront her own ways in dealing with men, after a verbal beating by Katze. An unexpected anti hero appears.


Credit: Narrator: James Reynolds Text: Scott Redford, BURNRATE Edit: Glenn Geffken, BURNRATE Score: Kevin Kopacka Ink drop stock image: CyberWebFX for the Video/Motion Graphic @