Sandro Chia´s Children´s Holiday Lithograph 1984 HAND SIGNED BY THE ARTIST

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Sandro Chia´s Children´s Holiday Lithograph 1984 HAND SIGNED BY THE ARTIST


Signature:  This art is signed by the artist in white pencil. 

Medium:    “Lithography”.

Editioned at:  The American Atelier in New York City, April, 1984.

Previous uses of the image or Master by the artist in any other medium(s), if any, and explanation of method of creating plates:  NONE

Description of “Master”, i.e., plates, screens or other materials used to produce this work of art:  This Lithograph is comprised of six (6) panels which are hinged together.  The artist created all of the plates for each panel by drawing directly onto separate plastic surfaces with a variety of substances including lithographic crayon, stick, pencil and liquid tusche.  These completed hand-drawn plastic sheets were then chemically transferred onto a total of 50 separate emulsion-coated aluminum lithographic plates (8 plates each for 4 panels and 9 plates each for 2 panels).

Master created during the life of the artist?  Yes

Was multiple editioned after artist’s death?  No

Was Master for this multiple used for prior limited edition?  No

Was Master for this work made from reproduction of a prior multiple or from a Master which produced a prior limited edition?  No

Year Master was created:  1984

Year multiple was produced:  1984

Disposition of Master:  The plates used to create the edition have been effaced.

Is this work an impression or example of a limited edition?  Yes

The total number of all impressions or examples for this edition is:  97, consisting of the following: 

            Numbered:  1/75  to  75/75

            Artist’s Proofs:  15 … numbered AP 1/15 through AP 15/15

            Presentation Proofs:  7 … not for commerce, which contain personal dedications

            Other or Deluxe Editions:  NONE

            Trial or printer proofs which survive:  4 imperfect, defaced and unsigned.  Marked “travel proof” across the face of the image.

           All of the above have been hand-signed by the artist, except as follows:  NONE, except for the 4 proofs that are marked “travel proof” as described above.

Description of Multiple

       Dominant Colors:  Brown, Blue, Green & Black.

       Paper or other materials used:  Somerset Soft White.

       Sheet Size:  71 ½” x 77”

       Copyright:  Embossed © 1984 C.F.A. Corp.

       Chop(s):  Embossed Circle Fine Art Logo; Embossed American Atelier Logo, Blind stamped lower left corner, Sandro Chia.

       Release Date:  May, 1984

       Publisher:  Circle Fine Art Corporation, Chicago & New York

       Involvement of Artist with the Printer:  The artist drew on each of the plastic sheets for the 6 panels, supervised mixing of the colors, pulled several proofs and made corrections.  The artist was present during the printing.  Each panel in the edition was pulled, one color at a time, under the direction of Technical Director, Mauro Guiffrida and Director of Flatbed Printing, Michel Tabard at The American Atelier, New York City.  Each example of each panel in the edition was inspected by the artist.  He signed each example of the lower right hand panel in white pencil, by hand.

Publisher's COA included. 

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